Bitcoin’s Volatility is a sign of vitality, money will die along with gold,‘ says MicroStrategy CEO

„Every time you sell Bitcoin you are buying a lower asset,“ says Michael Saylor.

‚Bitcoin’s volatility is a sign of vitality, money will die along with gold,‘ says MicroStrategyNOTÍCIAS CEO

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said in an interview for Stansberry Research on Youtube that Bitcoin’s volatility is a sign of „vitality“ and that the fate of money and gold in the future is „to die.

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MicroStrategy is a business intelligence company and became one of the largest purchasers of Bitcoin in the world by 2020, with more than $22 billion in cryptomeda after several million dollar purchases made in less than 12 months.

Saylor said in the interview that the decision to make Bitcoin its main reserve asset was made after the market crash in March 2020:

„In 2020 that decision became really easy. The whole world had a problem of monetary expansion. If you are an engineer and have a problem, you are looking for a technological solution. Obviously there are also non-technological solutions for monetary expansion, gold is a 5,000 year solution for monetary expansion. I had 10 years of experience observing what bitcoiners have done in the last decade and I had to make a bet, asking: – Will the rest of the world seek a technological solution to its problems? And today Bitcoin is that solution“.

On the prospects for Bitcoin regulation in the coming years, Saylor says regulation should attract more companies to cryptomeda and should not have a significant impact on the value of Bitcoin:

„People will continue to buy Bitcoin because it is a great property in cyberspace as monetary protection. Regulation will not diminish its value as property because it is the highest standard property of the 21st century. People will buy, there will be regulations from country to country and everything will be fine. Nothing will change the essence of Bitcon as protection against inflation“.

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The CEO of MicroStrategy also believes that the volatility of the largest cryptomime should be lower in coming years, but says the Bitcoin corrections are a sign of the currency’s vitality, comparing the „stability“ of gold to the „vitality“ of the BTC:

„The big corrections will become less frequent, we have seen this in the last 12 months. Moreover, everything that is alive in our world has some kind of volatility. I would much rather have a volatility with an income of 300% than a stability with an income of 15% or even less. Money, for example, does not give me any income. Stability is stagnation and volatility is vitality“.

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At the end of the interview, Michael Saylor goes on to say that gold and money have been important to humanity, but they are „outdated technologies“. For him, Bitcoin is the best asset in the world today:

„Bitcoin is the best asset in the world today, it is superior to securities, superior to equity, gold, silver, commodities, derivatives, and that is an easy statement in a world of extreme monetary inflation. In my view, whenever you sell Bitcoin you are buying a lower asset, you are selling a winner and buying a loser“.

This week’s Bitcoin fix led MicroStrategy back to shopping. The company added an additional $10 million to its reserves, which now total 70,784 BTC, or $22,92,049,625.